Week 3 – #5 Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal with Tinfoil

“If high placement isn’t getting your signal as far as you’d like, break out the Reynold’s wrap. This video shows how a little tinfoil fashioned into a “Windsurfer” parabola can increase your signal strength several decibels.” [Source: lifehacker.com] Download the Template Here



Week 3 – #6 Gore for President?

“Al Gore’s seven-year journey from loser to laureate began in bitterness, settled for a time into self-imposed exile and led him in the end to rediscover his voice on climate change. The question now is what he will do with the prestige and attention that came to him with the Nobel Peace Prize. The answer appears to be that he will neither embrace nor reject another quest for the presidency, but harness the speculation about his intentions to become a more formidable force on environmental policy and a power within the Democratic party.” [Source: http://www.nytimes.com%5D Read More

Week 3 – #7 More Gmail storage coming for all


“The Official Gmail Blog has announced that Gmail’s storage counter has received a much-needed bump in its storage growth rate, which will put Gmail storage at 6GB by January 2008. Additionally, the premium Premier Edition is seeing a jump to 25GB from 10GB. We’ve covered how to free up space in Gmail (and so have you), but these storage bumps should go a long way toward keeping Google’s promise that you’ll never need to delete another message.” [Source: http://www.lifehacker.com] Read More Here

Week 3 – #8 Blinkx over Adsense?

“Bloggers are getting more and more options to make money off their Web sites. Video search engine blinkx is launching on Wednesday a service that allows people to make money when they embed video clips on their Web sites– regardless of where the video comes from.

Blinkx has technology called AdHoc that matches relevant text ads with the context of video they accompany. Blinkx will share 50 percent of the revenue generated from the ads with the publishers of the Web sites hosting the video. Advertisers pay every time an ad is clicked on.” [Source: Cnetnews.com] Find out more at: www.blinkx.com

Week 3 – #9 Top 5 Facebook Applications

#1 Top Friends – “Save time and show your friends some love. Add a box of up to 32 of your BFFs to your profile. Now they are one click away, you don’t have to search every time you want to go check up on them. Now the question is… who is in your top friends box?” [Source: Slide, Inc. ]

#2 FunWall – “Add some FUN to your Wall! Let your friends post photos, videos, slap funny pictures on pictures — and more! — on this replacement for the boring original.” [Source: Daniel C. Silverstein and Bobby Joe ]

#3 iLike – “iLike lets you add music to your profile and find your favorite concerts (not to mention see who else is going!). Bonus: Use it to get free mp3’s that match your tastes and try to beat your friends at the Music Challenge.” [Source: iLike, inc ]

#4 Free Gifts – “Don’t like to pay for gifts? Free Gifts allows you to send gifts to your friends for free! At least one gift added every day!” [Source: Zachary Allia ]

#5 Picnik – “Picnik is the perfect solution for editing your photos without ever leaving Facebook. Crop, rotate, resize. Fix colors, exposure, and red-eye. Get creative with 20 effects like borders, lomo, and sepia. Connects to Flickr and Picasa Web accounts too!” [Source: Bitnik, Inc]

Week 3 – #10 Backup your files online for FREE with Mozy!

“Backing up your essential data is important—and can be annoying. For most users, if it’s not easy, it won’t happen. Automated backup to a remote location is a nice, simple solution, but the monthly storage fee may be another roadblock. Enter Mozy Remote Backup, a FREE service that will securely store up to two gigabytes of files for Windows users and automatically back up changes.” [source: http://www.pcmag.com] Sign up here

Week 2 – #1 Search Engine for Internet Radio Stations – iheard

“iheard.com makes it easy for people to find their favorite internet radio stations by providing an easy to use search interface and directory with thousands of stations organized by genre, country and language.

We do not host or stream radio stations, we capture and store rich meta data about each station and connect listeners with stations around the world.” [Source: iheard.com] Start Searching Here